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Reclaim Your Inner Power- break the Cycle say NO to Bullying

Rebuilding psychological wellbeing, emotional wellness and bringing forward an understanding of the cycle of bullying. Working with you to move past the effects and scars often left by bullying. This program is designed to empower people of all ages, giving them the tools they need to break the Cycle – and Say NO to Bullying.

The program can be tailored to meet individuals, groups, schools, Businesses and Corporate needs.
What this program covers:
• Reclaiming Your Inner Power
• Bullying
• The Cycle of bullying
• What does and does not constitute Bullying
• The 2 R’s (Retaliation and Revenge)
• Isolation the short term and long term affects
• The Ripple Effect
• Values

• Respect for the other person’s model of the world
• The Power of words and the scars they leave
• How to control your feelings and your state of mind instantly
• Understanding Bullies are People too

Looking for the perfect workshop?
Wanting a workshop that is planned and designed with you in mind?

Mind Excellence will work with your organization to create a workshop that fits your needs and will be incredibly valuable for everyone involved. All workshops have creative exercises which will get everyone relaxed and involved, along with interactive learning, rapport building.

Knowing that planning a great workshop is imperative so is working with you through the details, ensuring everyone will get full value from the event.

Some of the workshops available are: “The Secret to Staff Retention”

” Enhance Your Awareness” ” Focus on What Matters”

Group Relaxation giving you back control of your day to day chores.

In today’s world often we become so busy we don’t notice we have missed lunch or not taken a break. Slowly stress starts to occupy space in our mind. We are often not aware of this until it has set in and has become problematic overtaking us, starting with our reactions to others, how we address our work place, and how it can affect other colleagues.

If you are looking for work life balance, productivity within the work place, stress free employees, greater rapport throughout your organization.

The Group Relaxation is a great way to start the day and will build on staff psychological well-being, a sense of confidence and usefulness bringing forward a greater purpose.