3 Day Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis: a state of trance that connects with your unconscious mind. When in trance you are in an enhanced state of awareness and it is in this state that your unconscious mind is open to suggestion. Once in this relaxed state you can easily accept suggestion allowing you to make positive changes internally.

Trance is a natural state that we enter into unknowingly, we get into trance when we are driving or watching TV and these are natural states of being. In hypnosis, trance is enhanced to make positive changes in one or more parts of our life.

One of the misconceptions around hypnosis is that the client goes into a deep sleep or that the therapist can get you to do things out of the ordinary. This is not so, at all times you are fully aware of what is taking place and your surrounds. Changes will only take place if you and your unconscious mind agree to and want to make changes.

While it is said we live in our conscious mind, it is widely known that all change takes place at the unconscious level, as your unconscious mind knows more about the way you think, your health and mental wellbeing. Your unconscious mind is like the blueprint for your body and health.

Hypnosis is used for a wide range of health and emotional issues: such as eliminating negative emotions, enhancing self-confidence, overcoming fears, reducing stress and anxiety, limiting decisions, overcoming grief and loss, smoking and weight loss and much more.

Hypnosis is a relaxing way of releasing past and current issues and allowing you to rapidly resolve them in a safe and comfortable state. It will help to release you from any negative emotions that have been attached to your past memories and will free you to live in the now and plan your future.

Now that is powerful don’t you think?

What you can expect from the Training;  Using the Krasner method, you will learn self hypnosis , Group Relaxation, Self Confidence, how to Stop  Smoking, Healthy Options – Weight Reduction. On completion of your test you will be certified to work with people at the level you have trained in.


3 Day Hypnosis Training


7 Day NLP Certified Practitioner Training

NLP is paramount in helping you to become an expert in both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is a fast and effective way to make positive changes in all areas of your life; family, career, study, business or improving relationships, “NLP is for you”.

NLP’s powerful techniques and processes enhance your abilities to negotiate your desired outcomes, build rapport, overcome negative emotions and limiting decisions. It will assist you to build on your self-esteem and confidence, develop business and career ideas, and improve relationships.

NLP is an exceptional model of communication for business, sales, education, therapy and personal development. It teaches you to combine the language of the conscious and unconscious mind, to program your future success and happiness. It explores the workings of your mind, how you think, your desires, what motivates you and what limits you. NLP’s basis is on achieving results and desired outcomes and has a positive yet powerful impact on your life, making it one of the most effective tools for personal and professional growth.


What you can expect from the Training; You will learn how to build Rapport all the time – Language Patterns – Strategies – Negotiation skills – Representation Systems – how to use the 5 senses – Sub-modalities – programming the software of your mind – Anchoring – how to control your feelings and your state of mind instantly Parts– stop inner conflicts that drain the body of energy using NLP – Time Line Therapy® – Hypnosis. 3 Certificates for the price of one.

NLP Practitioner Training