Family Coaching

Why choose: Reclaim Your Inner Power – Together Break the Cycle and Say NO to Bullying. Have you or anyone in your family experienced bullying? Do you feel lost at times an unable to move past this?


Family Coaching – Helping you to be on the same page, learn how bullying affects the whole family and yet each individual may see it differently.
It is about acknowledging each other’s beliefs and feelings, around bullying, while working together to break the cycle. Rebuilding psychological wellbeing, emotional wellness and bringing forward an understanding of the cycle of bullying. Working together to move past the effects and scars often left by bullying. By understanding, bullying has an ongoing effect on individuals, families and groups and learning how to break the cycle being able to move forward while helping yourself and others do the same.
What can you expect to take away from family coaching?

Reclaim Your Inner Power as a family and as an individual. While learning to acknowledging each other’s beliefs around bullying.
• A comprehensive understanding around the cycle of Bully
• How the 2 R’s (Retaliation and Revenge) constitute bullying and how to avoid being drawn into the cycle
• The effects of being isolated short term and long term
• How to avoid being a bystander
• Awareness of “The Ripple Effect”
• Values and Life Balance
• Understanding your emotions and releasing all unwarranted negative emotions
• Working on Anxieties and Phobias connected to Bullying
• Releasing what limits you and holds you back in life
• How to control your feelings and your state of mind instantly
• Learning the importance of boundaries and how to effectively put them in place
• Goal setting

Understanding words are POWERFUL and SCARS can last a life time is a good place to start.
Now all you need to do is make the call and “Commit 100% to the process”.