Emotional Breakthrough

Why choose the Emotional Breakthrough you ask? Does the album of your life seem to be stuck on REPEAT? Does everything always happen to you and you are left wondering why it is always you? Do you often feel angry about things and question why? Do you feel at times your emotions are out of your control? Or have you been bullied and not sure how to move on? Do you feel you are in a stuck position in life and no matter what you do life keeps serving you lemons? Well then the Emotional Breakthrough is for you as it will teach you how to turn the lemons into Lemonade, and turn your life around so you can take control of your own outcomes. Focus on what you want and where you want to be in life. The Emotional Breakthrough will teach how to create your life your way.

Emotional Breakthrough helping to design the life you want to live! Not the life you believe you have to live!
By engaging in a “Emotional Breakthrough” you will enter into a program that is designed around your individual needs. As all people are their own person so are their needs, focuses and desired outcomes. The Emotional Breakthrough will help release, limitations that have been holding your back, emotions that you may not even be aware are affecting you from the past, you will find your purpose, set achievable goals, learn ways to build rapport understand and accept others while putting yourself first. You will become congruent with who you are and what it is you want from life. The Emotional Breakthrough covers all aspects of your life and is designed for you the individual whether it is around your business/career, bullying, grief and loss, phobias, confidence, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, relief from chronic pain or just wanting to find your focus and a new life direction. Within this program we will work with you to find “that one thing” that will help you move forward to reach your desired outcomes while releasing all limitations that have been created over time, along with eliminating any unwanted and unwarranted Behaviours. Empowering you and empowering your life.
All you need to do is make the call and “Commit 100% to the process”

The Revelation Intensive

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