About Janis

Janis is a world renowned Neuro Strategist and Emotional Wellness Coach and has worked with people around the globe. Offering services in person and via skype and has successfully helped people to challenge themselves bringing forward change in all aspects of their lives. Allowing them to release what has been holding them back, overcoming fears, phobias and releasing all unwarranted emotions.

Like most people Janis had her own grief, losses and emotional traumas to deal with at a young age, and like most people thought she had it all under control. Over time it became obvious to her that she didn’t have it under control and that there is more to life and she wanted to be part of that.

Janis is passionate about ending the cycle of bullying, empowering people, to affect change in their own lives, their families, workplaces, and communities to create a compelling future for themselves.

The Bullying I went through! The Bully I was! Janis’ passion to end bullying comes from having experienced bullying for most of her life. She has been bullied, been the bully, retaliated, taken revenge and isolated.

Janis grew up in a workman’s town in the days when people would say –biff them back – don’t be a cry baby- stand up for yourself. And she learnt to do just that, this lead to her experiencing bullying from all angles.

Sharing this with you may help you to understand more about Janis, about bullying, how bullying often starts with the dangers of the 2 R’s (Revenge and Retaliation). How isolation is intimidating, and most importantly Bullies are people too!
At the ripe age of 10 Janis took it upon herself to assume the position of protector in her family along with her older brother (She was the youngest of 4). Janis knew what it was like to be teased, called names and left out of groups. Most people didn’t notice how much this hurt, as in many ways she was a confident kid with a big bravado.

She thought she had it all under control, but when it came to her other brother and sister being called names and bullied because they were different and by different she means they had a physical disability. She did the only thing she could and retaliated, in order to defend what was important to her. (Her family)

As a teenager and into adulthood Janis used the same tactics when called names, or bullied at school and work. Only she thought she had got better at not reacting. The truth was she learnt to bottle it up until she could no longer take it, and the 2 R’s would surface, the only thing she knew how do retaliate and revenge. This was the only way she knew to protect herself, and of course by doing this she would be instantly seen as the bully. This is where the “Bully is  not always the Bully.” Well not in the interim anyway. However when you revert to retaliating or taking revenge you become the bully and so the cycle begins.

Janis questioned herself after being bullied at her job for 2 years, where she was not only bullied, she was isolated by the bully and others who had been convinced she was the bully. Janis started to believe it was all her, she must be a bad person and so on, crying on the way to and from work each day, then hiding her feeling. Until one day she took a stance and said no more enough is enough.

This is when she sought out help, with an amazing coach, Janis learnt how to break the cycle. She was able to take a different approach, see herself for who she is, and stopped taking responsibility for the actions of others; Janis no longer retaliated or acknowledged her bully. This meant they finally had to take responsibly for their action for who they were.

Janis knew then what she wanted to do with her life: To break the cycle of bullying so she could help herself and others to live the life they wanted, not the life they believed they had to live. Throughout Janis’ working career and ongoing studies she acquired the skill set and strategies, to effectively work with people to implement positive change in their lives. Helping people move past what has been holding them back, finding their laser focus and tapping into their unlimited potential.

Janis has been in the personal development; health and wellbeing field for many years, and believes in integrity and congruency, helping others to achieve greatness and results through all areas of their lives.
As a Neuro Strategist and Emotional Wellness Coach, Janis is able to help people by getting them to evaluate the preconceptions they have made throughout their life. Challenging them, to see why they do what they do and what and where they would like to be. Assisting them to make changes to every part of their existence; bringing forward who they are and what they want from life revealing their full potential.

Janis is a strong believer in what you think about comes about: In knowing that it is time for you to laser your focus, tailor your thoughts around the life you want to live, in order to reach your highest potential and desired outcomes.