Designed to empower people of all ages giving them the tools they need to break the Cycle and Say NO to Bullying.

Tailored to meet individuals, groups, schools, Businesses and Corporate needs.

Photo of JanisMy goal is to help you uncover your true potential to lead the life you desire to live. While we cannot change difficult situations from the past, we can work together so they no longer affect your future. The past is an important part of our lives in fact it has played a big part in who

we are today and the choices we have made, based on what we believed at the time and who or what we modelled our world around. It is important for us to take our learnings from the past with us to create a better future, a future designed by you for you.” As cliché as it sounds life is more about what you do with what happens to you than it is about what has happened to you.

Knowing that is to know the choice becomes yours. You get to choose how to move forward and how you want your future to look. I will work with you assisting you to address long-standing behaviors or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Whether you experience anxiety, stress, fears, phobias low self-esteem, long term chronic pain or need extra support and guidance through a challenging situation such as bullying. I can work with you to create the changes you wish to make in all aspects of your life.

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new mindsetReclaim Your Inner Power is about breaking the cycle of bullying. Rebuilding psychological wellbeing, emotional wellness and bringing forward an understanding of the cycle of bullying. Working with you to move past the effects and scars often left by bullying. Bringing forward a sense of confidence and knowledge in knowing you are enough.

*Designed for Individuals, Groups, Schools, Businesses and Corporate needs*

One on one consultations focus on Emotional Wellness- bringing forward balance, a state of being free of physical or psychological illness. Working with the individual to eliminate all negative emotions connected to: what limits you i.e. chronic pain, anxiety, fears, phobias, bullying lack of confidence.

Looking for the perfect workshop? Look no further all workshops are planned and designed with your company or organisation in mind?

Group Relaxation is a great way to start the day and will build on staff psychological well-being, a sense of confidence and usefulness bringing forward a greater purpose.

What Janis' Terrific Clients Say

"Simply Amazing!! I’d like to thank Janis from the bottom of my heart for getting me out of a very stressful & stuck state a couple of weeks ago. In a matter of 20 minutes over Skype, (as we were both in different states) Janis freed me of my disbelief in myself, so that I walked into what was originally a very stressful situation, with confidence & belief – which in the end provided me with desired outcomes. Thank you Janis – with love & gratitude ALWAYS!!"

Maro Sands

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